Friday, September 30, 2005

Sunshine, happy days.......

As all the Aussies (or just Sydney?) settle in for the long weekend, you'll all no doubt feel a smug sense of satisfaction out of the fact that the rain has come! Today is my first grey miserable day in London, and I can't say I'm loving it! (When my taxi driver tried to convince me yesterday that 15 degrees is actually pretty warm, I almost cried). It's going to be a loooooonng winter (wait, I think I see a patch of blue....)

Not to worry though - I cheered myself up by looking up some flights to Paris and Prague, where I plan to venture quite soon. Skiing in Austria would be quite nice...The thought of getting on a plane and being in Europe within a couple of hours makes it all worth it really. Paul and I are going to Newcastle this weekend to visit some friends, just for something different - not quite Prague, but it'll do for the moment.

In the past four weeks I've lived in three different places - am SO looking forward to moving in to our place in Putney; being homeless is not fun (and wreaks havoc with your wardrobe!). My stint as a receptionist also comes to an end today, so I will be unemployed again next week (homeless and unemployed? ahh the perils of a newie in London!) I had a job interview yesterday to be a Project Editor of Publishing for a museum here in London which went well (I think). So permanent employment may be on the cards soon..and my bank account is gagging for it. As a traveller on a two year visa, it's really hard getting permanent work through a recruitment agent. All the interviews I've got for permanent positions, have come from applications directly to a company (this may be different for other industries, not sure).

Anyways, less stress and more wine I say. Have a good weekend all, and hope the sun is shining for you all back in Oz.

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