Thursday, September 08, 2005

One of the most surprisingly lovely things to happen since I have been here is the English sun! I was prepared for the worst, but the weather has been gorgeous. This is a pic of me enjoying the sunshine on a day trip to Windsor last week to visit Queen Lizzie....

The Londoners are all out in force, squeezing what they can out of the sun before the autumn chill hits. On Sunday the Regent Street festival was great - the street was closed off and thousands of people were enjoying market stalls, rides or parking themselves on the fake grass laid down the centre of the street (any opportunity for a sunbathe, and guys here just rip off their shirts and lie down for a nap - I guess you have to make the most of it while you can!)

The most handy thing this week has been my 'London A - Z'; any newie to London should definitely pick this up to avoid getting hopelessly lost as I have on a couple of occasions! You can pick them up from practically any newsagent in London - or if you're running short of cash and don't need one immediately, you can get a TNT Streetfinder for free from the website Soon you'll be trekking London like a pro.

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