Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some Wednesday wisdoms from your resident UK traveller....

I'm temping as a receptionist this week in Westminster to pick up some extra cash (easy work, lovely view of Big Ben and the Thames, sitting here with a coffee, sure beats waiting on tables!), and had a spare moment for some quick ideas that may come in handy for working travellers:

If you are applying for a lot of jobs at once, try and print out and keep the job descriptions and contact names for the positions you've applied for, so you can jog your memory if you are called back for an interview. I applied for so many jobs at once, that when people called me on my mobile, I had to stall for time while I remembered exactly what job they were talking about (not very professional!). Often by the time you are called for an interview, the job descriptions have been taken off the Net, which can leave you in a bit of a fix if you want to appear knowledgeable in an interview (I've got one tomorrow, interview panel of three, yikes!) Your best bet for the cheapest Internet access in London are local libraries, which are usually nice and quiet and perfect for job application marathons.

You will also need a permanent mailing address before you start applying for jobs (yes, some people still communicate by snail mail, quite a few here actually). If you are living out of hostels, and don't have a friend in London who can receive your mail for you - you can collect mail free of charge from your local post office. This is also handy if you want to send things ahead of you to be picked up in the UK. The person sending you mail just has to include the following on their envelope: your full name, 'POSTE RESTANTE' or 'TO BE CALLED FOR', followed by 'POST OFFICE' and the full address of the branch. If it's only addressed to a town name, for example 'POST RESTANTE, LONDON', then it will go to the closest main Post Office branch. Go to (Receiving Mail) for all the information. They'll hold mail sent from the UK for two weeks, and for one month if sent from abroad.

Ciao for now,
Pru (world's best receptionist)

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