Sunday, September 21, 2008

London tube turmoils

Even after living here for three years, I still tend to have little to no idea where most London tube stations are geographically located (that's probably due more to my complete lack of any sense direction rather than anything else). Never trust the TFL tube map though - the stations may look miles apart on the map, but they're probably a 5 minute walk or short bus ride (much better than traipsing up and down escalators and cramming into another unnecessary train). Check out the suprisingly useful Geographically Correct London Tube Map.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vale Sally

To All of You Who Ever -
threw a ball for me,
dropped a sausage at a bbq,
left your beer around for me to clean up,
didn't push me off your bed,
gave me your toast crusts
let me slobber on you,
rubbed my ears,
scratched my back
and generally just liked having me around
I said Goodbye, peacefully to Brian and Nola at home, at 4.10pm. on Tuesday August 20th 2008
I've gone to chase balls in heaven!