Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let's play 'pick the Aussie traveller who just returned from sunny Greece' in the above pic! My pasty complexion next to my beautifully tanned friend Jo has left me with a serious hankering for some European travels. This photo was taken last week at a bar in Fulham, as I caught up with friends from home (and my brother, also in the photo) over some snakebites (no, not a painful reptilian experience, but a delicious mix of beer, grenadine and cider).

Although the Autumn chill will be coming soon, heaps of people I've spoken to are heading off to take advantage of the European sun, and Oktoberfest. I wistfully watch them go, with the knowledge that once I get settled with a job, I'm going to become the queen of 'mini-breaks'.

The other photo above is the room I'm currently living in, in a share-house in Fulham. Although it's a great room in a fabulous location, living with seven other people is a bit much (and you can imagine the bathroom, very soggy!). The girl who's room we are dossing in, is coming back on Sunday, so we have to be out anyway. I currently have nothing organised yet, so stay tuned to hear more about my crazy (and hopefully, not homeless) adventures....

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Hi R u a supply teacher?