Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three hour delay at Gatwick

Something always has to go wrong doesn't it? We all got here with plenty of time to spare for our flight to Switzerland - only to have minor heart palpitations when they wouldn't let one of our group, Ian, check in since the idiots we booked our chalet with had not provided us with a reference number and they didn't believe he was part of our group. Cue everyone running through the airport trying to sort out the mess, and making it to the gate just in time. Then cue announcement: 'Sorry, due to a 'generator fault' [whatever that is] your flight has been delayed three hours'.... Now we have all been sitting in the bar and I have managed to rack up quite a bill duty free shopping. When you have three hours to kill, it somehow becomes entirely justifiable to buy a) a great pair of reduced Roxy jeans, b) a funky top from Mango and c) a gorgeous clutch from my new favourite shoe shop. It is irrelevant that I am going skiing and will have absolutely no use for any of these items when I get there. I have justified it further to myself because I am going home for a month in February, seeing people I haven't seen for a year and a half, so of course have to look fabulous. Anyways, it's probably time for another drink and i'm running out of time on this hideously expensive computer. On to Geneva (eventually, hopefully!!)


flirty_1 said...

im really curious to know how people reacted to you saying 'hey guys, i'm going to live and work in london for 2 years'

i have found that people are being really unsupportive and think that i am nuts for wanting to go...

i am going to teach over there and will be doing daily work - instead of saying 'oh great' i get - 'well what if the teachers dont get sick'... i really just cant wait to get on that plane because i am being driven nuts by everyones pessimistic attitude.

i just wanted to know if it is just me copping all this negativity from people or whether others have experienced it too, though i've read your blog and it seems like your whole family is addicted to traveling i'm guessing you wouldn't have had this as much as i am.

Matt said...

Flirty_1: get over here as soon as you can. You will have an absolute ball. And if you don't, look me up and I'll take you out to the local Walkie (or the RedBack, if you're lucky). Seriously though, don't let it get to you. Your 'real' friends and your family will want to keep in touch with you, even if it doesn't seem like it.

I got a few funny looks and responses when I told people I was going overseas, but at the end of the day, any travellers you tell shouldn't be pessimistic. I bet you it will be people who have not travelled or have not done an OE who are the downers.

Oh and by the way, hi Pru! I've been in a dark corner the last few months and doing very little bloggage. I got tagged for a meme and I'm passing it on like a cough on the Tube. I have to update myself and all your travels - I like the new layout of the blog.