Monday, January 22, 2007

The life of a Swiss Ski Bunny

Wow - what an awesome week. I didn't expect our week of skiing and staying in a private chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, to be anything less than fantastic and I certainly was not disappointed. Not only was the skiing outstanding and the mountains huge(I will never be able to go to Thredbo in Oz again without laughing)but our chalet was beautiful (complete with host and cook, sauna and table-tennis), the apres ski (after-ski in pubs) was wild and we only had one broken bone (Ian the unfortunate stacked it on his snowboard on the first run of the first day, fracturing his right arm - poor thing!). Nevertheless, much fun was still had and all in all, it was completely unforgettable.

It all sounds a bit indulgent, staying in one of the most expensive resorts in Europe and getting breakfast, afternoon tea, three course dinners and canapes served by your chalet host every night, but all in all, I only paid a few hundred (Aussie dollars) more than I paid for a week in Thredbo (Aussie ski resort) a few years ago. Of course there is always the extra money you don't plan on spending on drinks (even though we had wine provided with dinner every night) and we had to stock up on cheese and Swiss Saucisse before we left! (Paul and I got one called Chevre du Valais - goats of the valley - There were the best bars and restaurants on the slopes and eating chips smothered in mayo every day was almost on par for me with the feeling of screaming on skis down the hill pumped up with that breathtaking mix of exhilaration and fear (aka the thought: "if i accidentally skied off that cliff right now, i would probably be dead - i'm absolutely terrified but this is kinda fun!")

Anyways - this is Paul and me on the slopes (I decided not to go for a head to toe black spray on Chanel ski suit aka Posh Spice) and you will find some more pics down the right hand side.

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