Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A life of contrasts

I'm not kidding - these are pictures of our backyard and our street this morning. We woke up and everything was covered in snow! Everyone complains that London is so cold, ugly and grey in January and, well ok mostly it is, but this morning it all just looked gorgeous and we could all imagine we were in Switzerland for a little bit longer. Nice change from the wind storms the UK had last week. We missed the worst of it and I onloy noticed something was amiss when I went out to explore the snow this morning (wearing a fetching outfit of trackie daks and slippers) to find that our side fence has completely blown away. Oops. Have reported it to our completely hopeless property manager people but judging from their past efforts I'd say we're going to be fenceless for a few good months yet.

Our BBQ we bought at the beginning of winter which has now seen snow before actually getting any sun - it's probably a laughing stock amongst it's BBQ friends:

Our snow-covered street!

In contrast, Simone and Shannon are off in Africa on theie 10 day safari at the moment - probably sweltering in their skins. And I will be too as of next week when I'm off home to Australia on Sunday for one month! Sunny skies here I come.

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