Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First things first..

The first thing I did upon arriving back home in sunny Oz this morning (after visiting my Nan and kissing my dog)

(was closely followed by a peach, some grapes and I'm eyeing off a mango..) More comprehensive post to come when i'm not jetlagged as hell.


Gin said...

Glad you didn't kiss the dog then visit the nan. Welcome home. Why don't you come to hot Brisbane. City of Sundays. Sorry got to go 8.30pm, time for my swim.
Gin Brisbane

Simone said...

oh - you make it sound like there isn't any decent fruit in london pru!!!

Pru said...

ok, well there is, but definitely no good watermelon!

Quinn said...

Thats tooo funny Pru.
A Carribean lady in Peckham set me straight about Mangoes in the supermarket when I first arrived - As I was smelling it she said, "Sorry love, you wont get good ones here" I bought it anyway and proved the lady right.