Thursday, January 11, 2007

More about Brighton, and someone's birthday!

OK, so it took me a few days but here are a couple of pics and tidbits about Brighton. There is so much to see and do there, I really would recommend it as a day trip or nice weekend out of London. The Brighton Royal Pavilion was fantastic. I was expecting some kind of beachside monument aka the Bondi Pavilion in Sydney but what it was instead is a giant colourful castle (built with what appears to be a mix of Moroccan/Middle Eastern and Indian architecture - with turqoise blue and pinkish tiles, spires and domed rooves - the whole bit. Although we didn't get to see the inside, apparently it is decorated with lavish Chinese-style interior. The best bit is that it was built by King George IV in the 1700s to give him a place to piss up and party with his mistresses :) The photo doesn't do it justice as it was a pretty cloudy day but here:

Sticking with the Moorish theme, on our Saturday night we headed towards a Moroccan-style club just near the water - the PoNaNa souk club. Although some of the other revellers left a little to be desired (heading towards 2am, the three of us spent about 20 minutes laughing at this sweaty guy who was enthusiastically dancing to himself in front of a wall to ceiling mirror...hmmmm). There are heaps of other clubs to be tried in Brighton though - and heaps of gay clubs and bars as well - which fits in with the city's reputation for being a DJ gay haven! We also tried a fabulous Thai restaurant on the Saturday night called The King and I. The staff dress in traditional costume, are incredibly friendly and the food is reasonable and delish - what more could you ask for?

Oh and how could I forget to mention the Pier! If you reminisce of childhood days past when you visited the Easter Show (or fairground), were dazzled by all the bright flashing lights, screamed on the Mouse, tucked into fairy floss and popcorn, and tried to win one of those ugly huge prizes by chucking balls in a clown's mouth at a sideshow, then you will love the Pier. Although it was so windy we almost got blown off, it's lovely to walk along and look out over the pebbled beach and get in touch with the English seaside, sucking on some of the famous Brighton rock candy(you know that stuff they make at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour?) and trying to pick which ride won't make you sick. Ahhhh. Here is Sim and I by the pier - you can tell it is a little chilly!

So there you have it - if you're venturing down to Brighton anytime soon, you have no excuse for not knowing where to go! Now, did someone mention something about a birthday?! Woohoo it's my birthday today people! Although I am working today, it has so far been a lovely morning kicked off with presents and a cup of tea in bed (the perfect way to start any birthday!). Tonight there is about 12 of us going to a French restaurant in Soho which Ben has recommended, so I'm sure I'll be giving a verdict on that one later. Happy Birthday to me!

Have I mentioned I'm going skiing in Switzerland for a week on Saturday?! :)

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