Friday, June 02, 2006

Thought I'd give you all a dose of London, since I'm off to France tomorrow and my upcoming posts will probably be filled with tales of lounging on our meandering canal boat, drinking fine red wine and gorging on cheese...ahhhh!

Anyway here is an 'arty' photo my sister took while in London a couple of weeks ago which i think is quite cool

And Ben, Rhiannon and I in front of the Eye

The view from the Eye down to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

And the girls and me on the Eye!

As you can see, it was quite a cloudy day when we went up (it was a few weeks ago), but I would still recommend it. Try and find one of the discount stands around the city and you can get tickets for around £12 or book online at the website and you get a 10% discount (so tickets will be around £11)

While we're on the subject of London - I never wrote again about the play I saw the other day. If you want to see a show in London you MUST see The Woman in Black. It was absolutely brilliant, fantastic acting (only two actors playing various characters) and really, really scary! I never thought I could be scared of theatre, but at one point I actually (quite embarrasingly) screamed and almost spilt my red wine everywhere (out of the classy plastic cup I got it in!). We got tickets from Last Minute and they were only a tenner (or you can pay up around £20 for dinner included). The theatre is right near Covent Garden too so excellenty placed to continue the evening of entertainment after - bargain!

Anyways, we are leaving before the crack of dawn tomorrow as we are driving to Dover (i'm excited about the white cliffs!) then getting a ferry to Dunkerque in France, then driving to Burgundy. Am so excited. Will write more later - perhaps from a quaint little French village :)
Au revoir!

Back by popular demand
Apparently the e-mail address you use to make your National Insurance Number appointment is difficult to find on the Internet, and heaps of people are searching for it. So here it is again: E-mailing this address to make your appointment to get your NI number will save you sitting on hold for 40 minutes like I did.

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kim said...

Hi Pru,

Well I finally made it to London. Have been here for just over a week now but still trying to find my feet (not to mention my way around). It's only for a couple of weeks and then I go travelling for a month or so and return to London early August.

Hope you're enjoying France! The weather in London, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know, is absolutely superb this week! Typical... just when you leave town it brightens up.

Have a wonderful time!