Monday, June 19, 2006

Every time I've thought about what to write about in the last week or so I get a bit overwhelmed cause there's too much to tell and I don't know where to start!

London and Europe in general are currently going mad for the World Cup, and the atmosphere everywhere is brilliant. Combine that with the gorgeous sunshine and long, hot days and everyone is in a great mood. Of course yesterday we has the Australia vs Brazil game. We were so proud of our boys, and it's only made it better for the Croatia showdown on Thursday night. Tomorrow night is England Vs Sweden so everyone is going slightly mental.

Had a fabulous summery weekend! Summertime brings heaps of music festivals to Hyde Park, and although you can pay for the privilege to hear the tunes, you can also do as we did, and take a picnic (and lots of beer) and sit outside the boundaries of the festival where you can still hear everything and see the big screen. We saw the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stoneage for free - no complaints there.

Also, as promised, here are some photos from our amazing trip. This is me driving our boat through sunny France:

We took a seven day cruise through Burgundy, on a four bedroom boat with two bathrooms and two toilets, 'saloon kitchen' and dining room table, deck and umbrella. This is one of the many picturesque villages we drove through:

And a little French lady we befriended in a gorgeous riverside village called Ray-sur-Saone. She invited us in to see her cats (there were 40, kinda gross) and for sandwiches and showed us her ancient barn where her grandparents first lived when they were married over 100 years ago. She invited us to walk through the tunnel that apparently went from her basement up to the castle and even though she was a cute little old lady, we got a creepy 'Hansel and Gretel' moment and made our hasty-but-not-too-obvious departures:

(something's wrong with my computer so i can't post it now, so stay tuned for pic of the cute little ancient French lady!)

Will post the link once I've loaded the rest of my piccies.

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Matt said...

Haha Hansel and Gretel! Round the corner from home back in NZ there was a Hansel and Gretel house complete with tall weeds, I never knew who lived there though...

France looks nice - look forward to the rest of the pictures!