Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Five countries in one day

The cute (crazy?) little French lady we befriended (or who befriended us) in Ray-sur-Saone, in Burgundy, France:

And the Bergkirchweih in Germany - the second largest beer festival in Germany after Oktoberfest, held in the friendly town or Erlangen outside Nuremberg. Very wild, and lots of fun (just hold on to your stein for dear life):

And me in sunny Brugge, Belgium (pigtail plaits inspired by drive through Holland a couple of hours earlier):

This was during our 'five countries in one day' drive - a mammoth journey from Cologne, Germany through Holland, then to Belgium, then to France, to get a ferry back to England. Phew! Surprisingly enjoyable though - the boys were especially impressed by the quality of the loos in Dutch service stations (although outraged that they cost 30 cents to use). Better than the roadside diners between Sydney and Wagga!

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