Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lordy, you don't update your blog for more than a week and look what happens! Not only the most amazing and best holiday ever but GO AUSSIE! Far from disgracing ourselves on a national stage our green and gold socceroos have sparked the nation-wide hope that maybe we can add another sport to one of those things we are good at, with a cracker win over Japan in our first World Cup match in over 30 years....nicely done boys, we are all so proud! (don't ask us how we feel after Sunday's Brazil showdown, just let us savour the moment).

I watched the game sat next to an incredibly fat but friendly French man in the port town of Dunkerque in France, about to catch a ferry back to Dover after the most amazing trip through the gorgeous countryside and canals of France, through to the colour and craziness of World Cup Germany (and the mad Berg beer festival), to beautiful Brugge in Belgium - then we were back to sunny (yes, sunny!) London. It was ten days of pure bliss and a perfect holiday mix of pure relaxation, great friends, crazy nights out and unforgettable memories. I have so many stories and photos, but you'll all have to wait at least a day or so, as I'm completely exhausted and don't even know where to begin. But I will be imparting all the details so stay tuned.

In the meantime I'm cheating a little bit and re-using some photos from my last trip to Germany in the spirit of the World Cup theme (the weather has got a lot nicer since then!). These were taken when we got our private tour around the Nuremburg stadium thanks to Steffi (who was "on the inside"). This will not be the scene of any Aussie glories but it was still great to see. It will be the site for England Vs Sweden on Thursday which should be interesting (normally I wouldn't really care but we get to knock off work half an hour early).

The good looking spectators at the stadium:

Before the mayhem sets in:

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