Friday, June 23, 2006

And all came good in the end...

Well! What a day, what a fabulous day.... Not only did our 'Roos storm home to bag a place in the final 16 of the World Cup for the first time ever! (statistic check anyone?) BUT, we also found somewhere to live! But more on that later.

As my brother said to me last night, as we were crammed shoulder to shoulder in our pub of choice, watching our boys claim an exhilarating victory: "I have never felt so Australian than right now!" Like I've said in these pages before, sometime true patriotism is born when you are away from your homeland, and missing the sun and surf - chuck in a successful sporting match, and you'll be crying 'Waltzing Matilda!'. Having said that, from all the text messages I got, it sounded like Sydney was having it's fair share of patriotism! Although we had a fantastic night, I was jealous of the guys who were actually at the game, which sounded like the craziest thing ever (and even landed Simone on page four of The Times with her blow up kangaroo). A once in a lifetime experience without a doubt. But I have to say, it's a joy to be in London for the World Cup too - everyone is in festival mood (the photo is the moment we won). And the Aussies in our office have got all the Poms cheering along the Aussies which is an awesome effort (although I'm a little worried what might happen if by some freakish occurence we have to play England - I think my job, not to mention my relationship, would be on the line!)

Anyways, must dash as I am off to Paris for a three day weekend - yes the adventure never stops. 50 quid return! Is this not heaven I ask you?!

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