Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St Valentine's Day
In the UK you just can't ignore the fact that it's Valentines Day today - it's even harder than in Australia where there are gross cutesy cards in every store and really tacky white teddy bears holding red 'I love you' hearts. I'm definitely not one of those girls that gets excited by pointless gifts someone has just given you because Hallmark says they should. Although I will accept the heart-shaped marshmallow our MD presented us with this morning.
Even if we were to go out for dinner (which is a compromise I'm willing to make), all the restaurants around us have absurdly increased their prices, are having set menus and making you buy horrible pink champagne to drink as you gaze lovingly into eachothers eyes - talk about cornfest! Am I sounding really nasty? I'm not really - I just thing the whole thing is pretty ridiculous! I think I just might make Paul cook me a nice dinner :) or maybe I should do one for him...or not! (I'm also willing to accept the tradtion of boys doing nice things for the girls!)
Yesterday they had a thing in the Metro where you could text the Metro Cupid if you fancied someone you catch the Tube with everyday - then today they published the messages. Talk about embarrassing! If you're too shy to actually go and talk someone, why would you want every single person on the tube reading your declaration of love? Unless you made it so obscure that the 'guy in the blue shirt I see on the station every morning' wouldn't have any idea it was actually directed at him! Please.....

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