Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Belated birthday cake...
It may have taken awhile for me to give the credit, but just look at this brilliant birthday cake Bec and Kate made me back in January...(I kept meaning to put a photo up). It probably doesn't look that impressive in a photo, but if you can tell, it's a Cadbury box of chocolates with the lid open and real choccies coming out. I was pretty impressed, these ladies know the key to my heart :)

Monumental occassion today was that the sun didn't set until AFTER 5pm! Yes, Spring is on it's way! And I may be getting prematurely excited but when you're used to the Aussie sun but you've had two winters in a row (and your first in Europe) all the cold and darkness can get a little tough! Although it really hasn't been all that bad I suppose. I booked my holidays off from work today (must have been excited about all the daylight), and now we can start planning our canalboat trip through the South of France in June. French vineyards in summer...mmmmmm, heaven. We're also heading to Venice soon - am so excited about gondola rides, Italian food and fake Louis Viutton handbags I can hardly contain myself. Gotta love rip-off Italian merchandise..:) Ciao for now!

Just also wanted to say thanks to everyone who has left a comment on my blog ever or who has signed my guestbook! It's nice to hear from you all, and lovely to hear I may have even helped some of you out with my incessant ramblings about London etc! Remember you can subscribe (in the sidebar or at the bottom) and get updates emailed to you (but of course, then you would never be able to escape me, and I understand that is a little scary!). Thanks guys - until next time...!

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