Monday, February 13, 2006

Our little house in the country

We're all back in London after a lovely weekend in the English countryside, staying in our very own little cottage! You can't get much more English than the little Cotswold houses and those little men in their grandad caps walking with their dogs and gumboots down the country roads on misty mornings (they seem to be everywhere!) Much beer, wine, and general country frivolity was had... we had a gorgeous meal at an ancient Cotswold pub (apparently Prince Will goes there, but I guess it wasn't his turn for a night out on the town), and we spent a day in Stratford-upon-Avon where we saw Shakespeare's Birthplace, and the highlight of the trip (wait for it)...the Butterfly Farm!
I may sound like the biggest nerd here, but it is actually better than it sounds! I made friends with a little chameleon (how cute is he?!) and ventured into ARACHNILAND and INSECT CITY (ok, so maybe they need to be a little more creative with the names!). It was great though, and would be even more brilliant when it is a bit warmer (although the chill is a great excuse to stop off for a coffee every five minutes). Stratford is obviously built on the River Avon, and it would be lovely to go on a boat ride like we did in Windsor (back in balmy September!)

Which brings me to our plans for our French canal trip in Summer. There's been some obstacles (mainly that every other person in France apparently wants to go the same time as us!) We will persist though - and my vineyard cruise dream will happen

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