Saturday, February 04, 2006

Camden Markets, London

For once I actually got up early on Saturday morning, and we took ourselves off to Camden Markets, which were amazing. The markets are a brilliant eclectic mix of people, food and cultures - a definite must-see, it's a London institution! There is absolutely everything there you could possible imagine - everything from designer jewellery and art, to punk and goth wear, antique clothes and shoes, funky T-shirts, beanbags, unicycles, jongleur shops, furniture, clubbing-wear, candles, scarves... you could honestly be there all day and get lost in the mazes of stalls. And the food - we went to a little food market by Camden Lock for lunch and could choose from Indian, Cypriot, Venezuelan, East African, Japanese, Greek, British, Moroccan (talk about my heaven!). We had Japanese pancake, which I'll definitely be going back for (in the photo you can see it's pretty cold here at the moment though!)

So we finally left Camden Market, although I could have spent hours more there (the boys kept losing me cause I tend to wander off on tangents when I'm in markets - then we had to do the whole stupid 'where are you, I'm over here!' thing on your mobiles all the time..) It's really different from Portobello, but I loved it and can't wait to go back (and next time I'm taking more cash!)

Tonight we're off to Henry's in Covent Garden for Octavia's birthday..hopefully I won't be too damaged by alcohol tomorrow and will write more then (I heard a rumour we were having another of our infamous 'Poker in Putney' nights we'll see!)

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Kyle said...

hey pru I am currently just net surfing and have noticed your comments on the work gateways site i am travelling to london soon and wondered what you thought about travellers insurance????????? Dunno whether i want to buy it or not, very expensive for 12 months and i have my british passport doesnt that mean i dont have to pay for medical attention ie. due to residency.if you could email me that would be great my email is cheers