Friday, February 17, 2006

Fabulous Friday

Well, yesterday was a pretty eventful day. Not only did I visit an Immigration Consultant who thinks I will be able to stay in the country (yay!), but had a lovely morning off work cause I had to go to the doctor (free doctors and prescriptions, yay again!) then came to work where we had a charity event last night where I spent £170 in the auction (not so great for my wallet, but yay for the Kenyan people we are helping!)

So, I forked out a consultation fee to see an immigration consultant (£75), but I really think it was worth it. I'm an intelligent person (I'd like to think!) and I did my research (thinking I knew everything there was to know about work permits etc), but it really helps to speak to someone who processes applications all the time and can tell you the information you won't find on any official website. Apart from a few niggling factors, a work permit or a HSMP visa are now looking to be much more likely (and achievable) possibilities for me since I am not technically able to work after October. It's all quite expensive, but I suppose it's a cost you have to bear if you really want to stay, If i apply for a work permit I will have to return to Australia while the application is put through (which could be a problem with work), but it could only have to be for two weeks (instead of the month that I originally thought). So I'm going to try and get a HSMP visa, but we'll see. The consultant was very helpful though and said he's processed applicants for people in heaps of fields (even a chef from a takeaway store). So the bottom line is, if your company is willing to sponsor you and will let you leave for a few weeks (and you get a good agent), it's quite easy. Anyways, I'll keep you updated...if all else fails, the golden shores of Oz would definitely not be a bad place to return to...! :)

So with the consultant and my surge of generousity at the charity auction, yesterday turned out to be quite expensive! But I bought some DVDs and a day off work at the auction (as I have already booked up most of my holidays), and seeing as I am horribly inactive in any sort of charity work, I decided it was worth it. Check out the charity all my money is going to: Plan International - we raised just under £5,000.

Going to see the Strokes tonight at the Hammersmith Apollo - gotta love Fridays...!

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