Saturday, October 08, 2005

The myth that London (and England generally) has a crap cuisine has really been disproven since I have been here to be quite honest. Yes, there have been some suspicious looking bar snacks and there is something dodgy about all those pre-packaged sandwiches (the English don't get the concept of a fresh sandwich bar, everything is pre-made and wrapped in plastic), BUT I have to say that on the whole, the restaurants I've been to have been pretty good. I went to a great Lebanese with Karen on Thursday night on High Street Kensington which rivalled even my favourite Al Mustafas on Glebe Point Rd, Sydney. There are also Tapas bars everywhere, to keep my patatas bravas addiction well-fuelled.

Keeping in tune with my record as being the laziest traveller ever when it comes to living it rough, (and being homeless until tomorrow!) Paul and I checked in to a very nice hotel just off High Street Kensington for a couple of days last week (got a great, VERY cheap deal on my new darling, almost cheaper than some hostels I looked at actually). Anyways, quickly discovered that there is no quicker way to make yourself feel short, fat and altogther frumpy, than walking down High Street Kensington beside the Kate Moss lookalikes and celebrity wannabes that appear to be everywhere. Although I was on the lookout for Sienna and Jude, it just wasn't to be...but I live in hope. Am finding it very difficult to not blow all my cash shopping, especially since I am still jobless, but there's only so much a girl can take.

We also discovered great chain pub in Lambeth (en route to funky little Cuban bar) - the Camel, which was made even better by the obviously new waitress who forgot to charge us for our last round of drinks - always a plus. Although my mate Greg was very seedy having just returned from his 'Top Deck' tour of Europe (he said it was awesome and heaps better than Contiki - have a look, we had a gorgeous meal and of course, plenty of pints and lovely red wine.

Raining again today - don't want to know what the temp is back home...

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