Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just a note to say that it is a beautiful, sunny day in London and I'm having a lovely day by the river....!! Am nursing a mini hangover but have ventured to my new haunt (the cafe where the aforementioned smoothie incident occurred), and am drinking a 'detox' juice to cleanse the system (it's got carrot, beetroot, ginger and celery- and you can also get it as a smoothie, gross! what are these people thinking?). The cafe has free Internet access though (if you have a laptop) so I think I can forgive their small smoothie transgressions.

Everyone is coming over this afternoon to check out the new flat so I have to go to the 'offie' (short for off-licence - you get bagged so much here if you say 'bottle-o'), to stock up on beer for a blissful afternoon on the balcony.

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