Sunday, October 01, 2006

Swannies - how we love you, our dear old Swannies....the AFL grand final hits London, again

What on earth would the motorists who happened to swing by any Walkabout or antipodoean watering hole at 5am on Saturday morning have thought? Everywhere was packed with sleepy-eyed Aussies drinking VB and eating meat pies in celebration of the good old Aussie footy (AFL) grand final. How else could you ever get an Aussie backpacker out of bed that early? The Sydney Swans put in a sterling effort and made us very proud, but since they are so generous, they decided to give West Coast a go, and let them win (by one damn point!). It was a consolation that we beat them last year - everyone deserves a fair go after all, hey? It's all about sharing and caring :) Brisbane Broncos took out the NRL grand final this morning - but no way was I getting up again to watch that one.

Some of you may have remembered I'm supposed to be running 10km next Sunday- i have done a total of zero training. "Run London"? More like "keel over and die while trying to Run London"' I'm in big trouble.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pru, Just stumbled across your blog as im a soon to be Aussie living in UK. Its so great to read all your posts to give me some context of what life is like.

Go Eagles !!!!!!!!

Hehe .. have fun !


Pru said...

hey naden

glad you like my site - and i hope it's useful for you! Living here is definitely a lot of fun so hope you make it over here soon.

Congrats for the grand final win!