Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another day, another internet cafe (and how to find the perfect media job)

Another Saturday and another internet cafe - i've never appreciated having an internet connection at home as much as i do now. It is scary how much my life relies on having access on demand to the web - I previously have derided people who haven't cottoned on yet to the joys of internet banking, online payments, e-mail etc. Well, they're probably laughing at me now as they stand in their bank queues. At least their life isn't thrown into turmoil when their neighbour decides to cut off their Net connection.

ANYWAY, the reason I am writing today is that someone posted me a message and asked me to put online some of the agencies/resources I used when I originally came to London in search of the 'perfect media/publishing job'. I actually first got my job through the Guardian media supplement, which has hundreds of media/editorial/publishing jobs every Monday. The corresponding site is here. If you are after subbing/editorial work on lifestyle magazines and newspapers, a good (small) agency who placed a friend of mine is Folio Recruitment. Another good couple of websites are the Media/Creative section of Reed, if you want to work for a giant magazine publishing house EMAP then go to Find a Media Job or if you want to work in new media try NMA. For other industries (and all the info you need when you are moving to the UK, WORKgateways is a recruitment/info site which can definitely help you).

For everyone back home (and in other parts of the world) I would also like to make the point that the UK is unseasonably warm and pleasant for October and everyone is enjoying the elongated summer. Probably not the best indication for the world in terms of global warming, but at least I can still wear my thongs (ie flip flops, not the other sort) outside. Have a nice weekend all!


The Big Adventure said...

You could always do what some people have done (me included): GET YOUR OWN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!!!!! Mine is through ntl, and 15 quid a month, no connection fees . . . it's a possibility, Pru. LOL!

Pru said...

it's a work in progress, trust me. Trying to get SKY to send you a router and get you connected is like pulling teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pru,

I was the guy that asked for the publishing agencies' contacts. Thanks very much!!

And good luck with your job search!

The Big Adventure said...

OK, you know I was only kiding . . .

On a more serious note, have you had any luck yet finding a new position? And I did want to wish you good luck on your HSMP application! Keeping everything crossed for you.

Pru said...

thanks!! the HSMP is in the post - will take about three months to find out but we wil see!

And "anonymous" (how mysterious) - if your girlfriend is leaning more towards book publishing, I have a couple more contacts/website more relevant to that area so just let me know.