Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unessential? Unwanted? Me??!! :)
This is where the 'Trials' part of my UK working holiday comes into it...

I can't complain really - I've had a very good run of my working holiday in London so far - no major hiccups and a brilliant year actually. And then, this week, I got made redundant. Brilliant! Now I am in London, without a job, no savings, holidays booked (but not paid for), and rent to pay, and, because I was on a contract, no redundancy pay! Now I am realising just how good I had it before (good job, great pay) - and even though I was pretty much worked to the bone this summer, everything looks so much rosier when you're on the other side doesn't it!! :)

Anyways, for all my dear friends out there, and for all the regular subscribers to my blog, know that I will pull through, the little trooper that I am. I've been at home by myself for two days so far (too scared to go out and spend money from my dwindling supplies) and have been getting reacquainted with daytime TV, eating cereal at 10am, wearing trackies until 2pm, ducking out out for chocolate at's just like my uni days - oh dear, something must be done soon!

Getting made redundant though, (such a nice way of saying 'you're sacked!') is not the worst thing in the world and at least I am in London having a blast with all my friends, with so many opportunities and adventures just around the corner. Your working holiday is definitely what you make of it, and I'm not planning on letting this little 'mishap' cause more trouble than it's worth. I may feel different after a couple of weeks of daytime Jerry Springer, but that's how I'm getting through at the moment.

Any comments of support and kindness will be muchly appreciated - see this little icon below this post? (Comments - 0??) Fill it up people! I need some love! :)


Lori K said...

I have been a loyal follower of your blog for quite some time and though I don't know you personally, what I do know about you is that you will pull thru this setback with flying colors! You're brillant and very tenacious, so a better job is only around the corner. Good Luck.

Pru said...

aww! thanks lori - that is the nicest thing ever :) And even though I only got one comment, what a nice one to have! It's definitely been an interesting week, but I'm not done with London yet and hopefully will keep having some good tales to tell.. take care, Pru

The Big Adventure said...

Big {{{hugs}}} coming your way from another traveller -- here's hoping things change quickly! SOmething better always comes of these things, doesn't it? It's just hard to see it when it's YOU. But everyone has been there at least once (if they're honest!), and it makes us better people inthe long run. Hang in there! (Jerry Springer? LMAO!)