Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Giving Australians in London a bad name

Everyone likes Aussies right? Well, on the whole, you would say most people in the UK look favourably upon us, their antipodean cousins. Australians in London are known for being likeable, sociable, hardworking and, of course, always willing to head to the pub for Friday night drinks after work. So I was quite put out when I read a column in one of the new London metro newspapers bagging Australians out, written by (gasp) an Aussie himself!

'Most Aussies who come to London appear to have a chronic fear of being separated from other Aussies for more than a few minutes per day. This means that they live together, generating mountains of empty Fosters cans, go out on the piss together to hideous Australian bars such as the ubiquitous Walkabouts and moan endlessly about the weather/cost of living/everthing else. So much for the whingeing Poms. If it's so bad, why stay?

more drivel etc etc.... I have to admit, I was kind of thinking he had a TINY bit of a point, as snobbish and elitist as it was... until he said this...

,....'As a result, I find myself being coy about where I grew up. Luckily, I did not bring with me the broad Aussie accent that makes even bright people sound stupid. This means at least I am not automatically assumed to be Australian. It might be sacreligious to say it, but it's people like Steve Irwin who give Australians a bad name. Most of us do not want to wrestle a croc, have a barbie or go for a surf.'

Chris Johnston - shame, shame, shame! You are talking about people like me and my friends - and sure, I've been to Walkabout, maybe drank a Fosters or too, and I probably have the 'broad Aussie accent' you so abhor, but that does not give you the right to stand on your soap box and make out like you're better than us. I have (had!) a well-paying job, I travel widely (not just to Paris and Barcelona as you mock - ever been to Bulgaria, Chris?), have utilised many of the fine theatres, museums and restaurants London has to offer, and god forbid, I even have an English boyfriend. If you're so quick to deny you are Australian and therefore be lumped in the same horrid category as my wonderful group of adventurous, wordly, sophisticated and wholly likeable Australian friends; we don't want you anyway. And what kind of Australian doesn't like to have a barbeque or go for a swim in the surf - that's the sacreligious bit right there. Are you sure you are in fact Australian at all? I hope I never have the misfortune of bumping into you in London!

PS Don't even get me started on the Steve Irwin comment... shame, shame, shame on you!


The Big Adventure said...

You're on a roll, Pru -- you go, girl!

Any luck with a new position?? How many more months can you work -- two, I think?



Anonymous said...

go get him Pru

gus said...

Someone should introduce this guy to Germaine Greer. They sound like they're made for each other...

Anonymous said...

This has ben written ny an aussie who has been here for some years, most of the guys I know who now live here on a permanent basis have become more British than the British, and they think the same as this guy!

Shelley said...

What an absolute wanker!! I hate people like him. I'm glad he doesn't want to be an Australian because we don't want him. I hope he gets hit by a (full) can of fosters being thrown from a walkabout window and the last thing he hears before his miserable life comes to an end is 'crikey'!

He is clearly a narrow minded pig and if this is his opinion of Australians in London then it seems to me that he is the one having a limited experience in the UK. By the way Pru, thanks for all of the nice things you said about us! We are a sophisticated, classy bunch aren't we??
Shell xxx

PS - did you recycle the wine casks and empty vegemite jars?