Thursday, July 06, 2006

The 'heatwave' finally came.....and then went

I have been waiting and waiting for this thing they call the UK summer - and last week put on a fine show. Yes, it does actually go above 30 over here! While everyone else has been sweltering in the office and complaining about the heat - I am just so grateful to get a taste of home! When I moved here last year, I had effectively done three winters in a row (as I came to Europe for six weeks in the last Aussie summer) so I am just loving the heat and humidity so much I just can't stop smiling :)
How i have missed walking around barefoot in skirts and shorts and getting iceblocks (or 'iced lollies' as they are called here) for lunch cause it's too hot for anything else- now, if only I could find a Narrabeen-style beach somewhere....:)

Unfortunately, the temp has fallen today to a more normal 24 degrees, and will probably rain on the weekend (especially since my parents are arriving from Sydney to come and visit me then!). The ice-cream man has disappeared from outside our office building which I am more disappointed about. I live in hope that there is more of the summer to come! (it's so funny - every time it goes above 28, newspapers actually label it a 'heatwave' and warn everyone to carry bottles of water with wonder all the Poms roast when they visit Bondi - there's no-one there to tell them they should be putting suncream on because it's actually quite hot...) Ahhhh, bless them. I do love the English tradition of sunbaking in bikinis and bare chests in parks, even when there is no pool/beach/any kind of water feature nearby. And of course, what is better than sitting in a beergarden of a pub by the Thames, drinking chilled jugs of Pimms with mint, cucumber and strawberries marinated in it!

The World Cup is coming to a close and I am declaring my allegiance to France (nothing to do with the fact that Thierry Henry is gorgeous of course). I just think that if Italy win, it would be too much of a slap in the Socceroos' face. When Grosso (the perpertrator of THAT last minute dive) scored for Italy against Germany the other night, I think every Aussie thought that we should have been there instead of them! Oh well - we will wait and see.

I've finally loaded some more photos from our trip to France (another reason why I am supporting them on Sunday - we had such a fab time on our holiday and I feel I owe it to them!). Check out my France photos here

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