Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Britain's greatest mediaeval experience"

ok, it might have been a little cheesy but the folks are in town and on our country weekend we visited Warwick Castle in the Cotswolds - and I loved it! It is a huge historic castle (obviously) which was inhabited by the Earls of Warwick for centuries, and has seen more than a few royals passing it's gates. It is a breathtaking castle, with gorgeous grounds and quirky displays (such as a dungeon which still has the writings on the walls of people who were imprisoned there for years in the 16oos).

The best part is that the attraction is now owned by the Tussauds Group and the castle and it's displays are decorated by fabulous (if a little eerie) wax figures. The only problem is that there are also real people dressed up in the costumes of the time wandering around and at more than one occasion I would be peering at a 'statue' in a display only to have a slight heart attack when they smiled and winked at me. If you're down this way, I would definitely pay it a visit
(it's cheaper than Madame Tussauds, a great dose of good old tourist cheese!)


The Big Adventure said...

Hi Pru,

Always love reading your 'blog -- I'm finally all caught up on the past year. We lived in Europe for about 5 years, and I loved visiting the castles, going to medieval fests, etc -- yes, a bit cheesey, but everyone should experience them (some more than others, people tell me laughingly!).

How's the job going? And how can you stand it, knowing you have to leave in another year? Is there any way you can extend it??

English Teacher

Pru said...

hi there

i'm really glad you like my ramblings :)! I just love being a big tourist and writing about it here, a few castles never hurt anybody!

Job is going really well - my 12 months is up in October and I"m hoping to applu for a HSMP or a Work Visa - things are looking pretty positive so I don't think i'll be going home just yet!

You must leave soon - it's great you're so excited (i remember what I was like when I left). Thanks for all your posts on the WORKgateways site too - they have probably been really useful for a lot of people!