Saturday, December 31, 2005

The London Underground map: an iconic symbol of London if ever there was one!(apparently the poor lad who designed the map back in the day only got paid the equivalent of one pound for doing it - even though it is world-famous today and helps makes sense of one of the most complicated transport systems in the world - ripped off!) Anyways, I am blabbing! This is the theme for our NYE party tonight- you have to come dressed as a London tube station, and although a lot of people are keeping theirs secret, it sounds like there are going to be some good outfits!

Hope everyone back home has a great New Year. I've heard the theme on the Sydney Harbour Bridge this year is "Have a Heart", which is feelgood-nice. Pretty apt considering the disturbing news of racial riots we've been getting over here. What's going on? Honestly, I leave the country for three months.....

Anyway, must be off as there is punch to make and fireworks to buy. A safe and Happy New Year to all. Here's to 2006!

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kim said...

Happy New Year!!

Well aren't I just a bit glad that I happened to stumble upon your blog this week?! Not only is it providing me with some great tips and light entertainment but it's already helping to gear me up for my own UK working holiday. Keep up the good work Pru! I look forward to reading more of your posts as I struggle to get through those long days at work which will eventually lead up to that glorious day when I depart from Melbourne to London :-) It's calling me!!