Sunday, December 04, 2005

Comfortable country living

hey all,

After a lovely weekend of country living in the Cotswolds I'm back in London - all the country villages are looking so beautiful with all their Christmas lights, but getting woken up at 6am on Sunday morning by the cows mooing next door was not that enjoyable. Back in the big city, there's only the ducks in the river to worry about (and the psycho seagulls that divebomb me when i'm on my way to work in the morning).

London is getting excited about Christmas and the shops are manic. And of course, everyone is buzzing about just which song will make the number one Christmas single on Top of the Pops (yes, I thought this was something they just made up for Love Actually but apparently not)
It's late and i'm dreading going back to work tomorrow but this lavish lifestyle of mine must be funded. And there's always the Christmas party which is in a couple of weeks to look forward to....


Anonymous said...

Hello Pru I just want to say hello and wish you a great christmas party.
I'm reading your blog notes since you've arrived in September!
I'll go to London in January and your blog is helping me with some nice tips!
Thank you!

Pru said...

Thanks Tatiana!

I'm very glad you like reading my blog - and I hope you keep finding it useful!
Let me know if there is ever anything you want to know about London and moving here, and I will try and find out for you! Another good site for info is - and they also have a forum where you can ask questions.

Take Care! (and I'll let everyone know how the xmas party goes)