Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Since moving here I've picked up an entirely new vocabulary - some great English words and phrases, and some downright annoying ones. Sometimes I just can't help myself and they slip out. So here is my guide to speaking like a Londoner... (if you don't have one, now is the time to come out with a fake English accent).

Chav- this is my favourite new word. Would best be translated in to Aussie as 'bogan' - used to describe anyone trashy. Think dark roots and platinum blonde hair, tight white jeans on not-so-tight bums and ugg boots outdoors. Variations on the noun: chavvy, chavster (They actually use this word in newspapers it is so widespread - I love it!)

Scav/Scavvy - seems to be a variation on the above - but applied to things/people with a more disgusting meaning

Are you having a giraffe?- Cockney rhyming slang translating to 'are you having a laugh' (I like to follow this with 'guv'). Other cockney slang (which appears to make no sense at all) are Apples and Pears=Stairs; Would you Adam and Eve it?= Would you believe it?

You awrite? - Is the Brit way of saying 'How are you'. This requires more than a yes or no answer - but an answer as to how you actually are, ie yes, well thanks. If you just answer yes, people look at you funny.

innit- can be added to the end of practically any sentence 'it's raining, innit'

well-chuffed - as in 'I was well chuffed' - translates to 'i was really stoked'. The word 'well' can be subsituted for 'very' anywhere... ie well smart, well good

crisps - This is the most annoying - they're called CHIPS dammit! Yes, BOTH the hot and cold ones.....

Well I suppose I should be adaptable if I'm going to live here - i DID accidentally call soccer football the other day...

That's all I can think of for now (I had a million earlier and they've all gone from my mind!). Feel free to add to the list.

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Anonymous said...

They are crisps because they are thin and they crisp!

Chips are chips because they are big chips of potato!

Would you 'Adam n Eve' it you aussies are mad! ;)