Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm at work at the moment - taking a lunch break (yes it's a bit sad that I'm not outdoors socialising, but it's just too damn cold out there!) I have resisted the urge to go shopping (Spitalfields markets is nearby and I've heard they're really good) - because I've realised that Xmas is just around the corner and I should be investing in some presents for people! I also want to fit a weekend away to Edinburgh sometime in the next few weeks, so will need some cash for that too. I'm getting used to the English pound, although I still find myself sometimes with a silly idea of how much everything costs. For instance, today I went to buy a small can of drink for 50p and thought 'hey, that's really cheap!' - but no Pru, it's just the same as it would be at home, if not more - $1.20. Damn exchange rate!

I had dinner with a friend last night who came to London on a working visa, and couldn't get a job in Publishing despite applying to quite a few places. It makes me think how lucky I have been to land such a great Editorial job in London. It does help that I had a couple of years experience in my field from home though. We were talking about the ways you can stay in the country, and one of the girls said she knows a guy who is on the Skilled Migrant Visa and he's worrking in a bar! From everything I've heard it really seems that for those who want to stay here- you'll find a way if you look hard enough!

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