Monday, January 10, 2011

London: what a sweet ride

I am writing this to you from my new home - it's sassy, it's sunny, and yes, it's Sydney. Loyal readers, travellers and random blog visitors - I am pleased and yet a little sad to tell you that after five and a half years sampling the best of what one of the world's greatest cities has to offer, I have said goodbye to London and returned to Oz. The decision was not taken lightly, let me tell you, and many tears were shed. But, it was time to embark on a new adventure in my life - not one that perhaps involves as much fun, travel and eye-widening exhilarations as my overseas move but one that will involve, well, growing up a bit (not too much, mind). Getting married, saving for a house, confronting my HECS debt, wondering how to make up for five years lacking in superannuation contributions - yes it's all very boring but it's real life, and I have been avoiding it for long enough. And at least I have the memories, friends and life-changing moments from the past years to get me through it all. As my friends look on horrified as I tell them I came back with no savings, that I have (gasp) more that FOUR super accounts from teenage jobs, and that I have no idea what blue chip stocks are, I smile to myself and take comfort in all the memories that I have written about here on this blog (and all the other ones I didn't tell you). And, wait for the cliche, I wouldn't change it for the world. Professionally, I feel comfortable that my UK experience has put me in good stead, taught me countless skills and given me international perspective in my industry - an invaluable asset that all working travellers can take with them throughout their entire careers.

And London, well what I can say. I truly fell in love and I think I will always miss it like you do a long-lost friend. As a small tribute to my second home across the ocean, I will be posting some of my London, UK and Europe favourites over the next few weeks and months so other people can learn to love this amazing place as much as I did and learn to embrace London as a local does.

As I posted in one of my very first blogs on here 'Life is short and the world is wide' - so if you haven't already packed your suitcase, then there's no better time than now. Happy travels x


hampers said...

London is just one of those cities that you never get tired of. Beautiful, original and full of great things to see, eat and do. My favourite city.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pru.
Wow! I have been following your blog Snce well 2007 and I was really inspired by what you had written and learnt so much, so thanks a lot! For a couple of years I was living the London dream through your blog and when I finally was able to do my working holiday last year I was so pleased!! Glad to hear u will b settling back in ur hometown of Sydney and its been a real adventure reading your journeys - I hope there will b a new sydney one soon! all the best and congrats on getting married x