Thursday, October 29, 2009

And then came October

So I said I might get better at updating this but it's now the end of October and my post-rate is definitely not getting any higher! Have said some sad farewells to friends in the past couple of months (one of the downsides of staying here so long is that there are a lot of people that come and go!) but there's been some good news too - after parting with my passport (and £500) for four months, I've finally got a new visa and the Home Office is kindly letting me stay for another two years. I've become an even greater expert on all things UK-visa related - I could probably start charging for my services really as I know I'd be a lot more useful than some of the joke visa agencies out there who don't have time for quality customer service (ahem, Global Visas). The best news, however, is that I'm heading home for a month's holiday in a matter of weeks! The clocks have just gone back here and it's getting dark at 5pm, so I'm looking forward to some long warm nights in sunny Sydney. And copious amounts of prawns and Sauvignon Blanc of course (nb: tasted some quality drops at the London Wine Show in Islington last Friday - paid for with an evil hangover). Must figure out how to survive for four weeks without Salt & Vinegar Snackajacks, however - could be problematic.

Since I've been passportless until now, the most exciting 'travel' pics I have to show are from Leeds - no sighs of disappointment, please. It's actually not too bad (for a night) - I recommend getting out of town though and visiting the lovely little spa town of Harrogate (also famous as a hideout of Agatha Christie). We had beautiful weather - as you'll see from this brilliant English wintry sky in this pic (above right) taken in the the Grade II listed Harrogate gardens.

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