Monday, August 25, 2008

Three years today

So, it's been three years! (and quite a long time since I posted on here as well!). It's the August long weekend - one of the biggest summer weekends in the UK. Most people are off on summer holidays, some are here enjoying the loads of festivals and events that are on. I haven't gone anywhere - but it's my three year anniversary of the date I moved to the UK today. And what a huge three years it's been. I still can't believe it's that long since i trotted wide-eyed out of Heathrow, thinking I would only be here for three months (hmm, got that a little wrong didn't i!). I still feel like a tourist really - living over here is so exciting and exhilarating, there is always something new around the corner, that you never ever really get bored. And if you do, there's nothing stopping you from planning the next big adventure.

Three years comes at a price though. And these past two weeks has been especially hard to be away from friends and family. But I'm going to see them all for almost four weeks at Christmas, and living in another country for this long means you develop new support networks and loving friends who can make the more difficult things in life more bearable. But still looking forward to some prawns and crisp, cold Chardonnay with my mum, dad, brothers, sister and family at christmas, and some bubbles with friends on the harbour in January. Having the best of both worlds can get tough! :) Happy anniversay to me xxx

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