Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Next stop Egypt

OK, no remonstrating about how lame I have been posting lately. Sorry all those people out there who are so enthralled in my life and dying for some news! (ok, I'm kidding!). Not-so-new job is still going fabulously. I got my second paycheque yesterday, with correct tax adjustments, and couldn't believe how much more cash I am pocketing as compared to my first job in London! Refreshing to know the difference a year can make! Must resist the urge to go shopping - although have developed a nasty habit for online shopping lately. Not the best idea to go browsing at home after you have had a couple of glasses of wine - last time I did that I spend a hundred quid in about 30 secs without leaving the comfort of my couch. Anyway, I digress.

Easter is coming up and I'm taking advantage of the two free holiday days (note: new job gives me 25 days PLUS a day off for my birthday - Bonus!) to take myself off to Egypt. It is something I have always wanted to do and I can't wait. Only problem is, we are squashing A LOT into 8 days. Ah well - that's what youth is for. Here's my itinerary...

Arrving in El Gouna (on the Red Sea)
Fly to Cairo - Full-day private driver and guide for Pyramid/Sphinx and Khan al
Khalili visits. Sleeper Train to Aswan
Morning transfer to West Bank for Camel excursion.
Felucca on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor
Couple days in Luxor - Afternoon
guided excursion to Valley of the Kings and guided bike excursion through
West Bank villages.
Then back to El Gouna for more sunshine before heading back to London

So exciting! Was a tad more expensive than normal cause of the time of year we are going, but still going to be quite reasonable on the pound.

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sas said...

Ah egypt, one of my travel regrets was not getting there! I would love to be feluccing on a feulcca... enjoy :)