Monday, May 28, 2007

Another long weekend

I can't believe how many long weekends they have in this country. Not that I'm complaining - it's brilliant - and now I have only three days of work before we head off to Germany for the Bergkirchweih (three days of beer, beer and more beer...and then some giant pretzels). Only disadvantage of this is that because I am now a freelancer, I only actually get paid for the work that I do (and no paid holidays) so only working for three days means I only get paid for three days. But that's what budgeting is for I suppose. Thankfully the beer in Germany is cheap.

Have started playing netball again and we have our second game tomorrow night. Unfortunately at the end of last week I wrecked my ankle so don't know if I will actually be able to play anymore. We will see. I haven't been to the gym in about two weeks so better do some kind of exercise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pru

Im heading to Berlin wed morning until Sunday - what are the odds huh! Maybe see you there!


Anna said...

Hi Pru! I stumbled across your blog through Rosanna's. I'm in the UK too and about to begin the process to get my HSMP visa...needless to say reading what you've got on here and on the working gatways forum, I'm getting slightly paranoid...

Anyway - here's my story as I'm sure is the same with everyone else. I've been working full time in the UK - and come August 7th, my 12 months will be up.

The upside, I will have earnt enough to get 75 points. The download...I only would have earnt enough on July 13th (and will not get paid, and as such have proof until the 25th of July).

Complicated, hey?

Anyway, what did you end up doing? Any help would be lovely.
I'd prefer to get my HSMP visa as it means I can leave my opitons open, but I'd be a little stuffed if I had to stop working for a month or so in August.

Anyway, hope to here from you soon!

Cheers, Anna :D

Pru said...

Hey Anna,

I'd love to help you out - but you didn't give me an email to contact you on? Shoot me an email at and i'll reply with (hopefully) some helpful advice. There's no need to worry about your application though - it's pretty straightforward these days.