Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've been tagged

It only took me a month to realise, but I've been tagged. I didn't realise, and in fact didn't even know what this 'tagging' phenomenon was, until I was browsing over the Kiwi's blog and saw - hey that's me! And since I am constantly filling up these pages with drivel anyway, I thought I would abide by this virtual chain letter and bore/excite/annoy you all with 'the FIVE things you don't know about me'. Drumroll please....

1. I'm not a real blonde. (haha - REALLY surprised you all with that one didn't I!). I actually have no idea what my real hair colour is although I imagine it would be a sludgy light browny colour (lovely!) after all the peroxiding, stripping and highlighting that has been done to it since I discovered the wonders of NAPRO Live Colour in Year 8. It was only a matter of time until I then discovered the wanton pleasures of the hairdressing salon when a dye job by a high school buddy went wrong and i had to somehow fix my fluouro orange locks. Thousands of dollars and many, many years later, my hair is my greatest indulgence. Vain, moi??!!

2. I pervesely enjoy watching shark attack documentaries. OK, not exceedingly normal to enjoy watching people getting their limbs ripped off however something about these huge animals (the bigger the better obviously) simultaneously fascinates and terrifies me. Survival stories are the best, complete with bad reanactments and hilarious commentary: 'Bob had no idea when he dived beneath the waves that fateful morning, that something menacing was lurking in the waters that would change his life forever....' Cue Jaws soundtrack, flurry of movement where you can't actually see anything and then see water coloured red with food dye....brilliant!

3. I was a child thespian. Well, kind of. My aunt is in production and happened to have Life Education as a client (you know, of Happy Healthy Harold ilk?). I therefore starred, pink fluoro t-shirt and 80s headband and all, in a Life Education video when i was about seven, which then proceeded to be shown in every primary school in the state. After I'd made my screen debut, i also had a cameo on Heartbreak High - casually sipping a milkshake in the local hangout (forget what it was called - Shark Bar?). How cool can you get!

hmmmm, that's all i can think of for now. I think i'm supposed to tag other people now but that would involve more thinking which i am not inclined to do at the moment! PLUS, it's my second last day in Australia!!! Why on earth am i sitting at a computer - yes it's a bit sad isn't it. I'm killing time before heading off to Opera Bar in a couple of hours for some drinks under the watchful arch of the Harbour Bridge. I'll try and write some last Aussie words tomorrow.


Rosanna said...

Heartbreak High! Woot! I also remember the Life Education vans... with the giraffe. Giraffe?

What a claim to fame!

Enjoy your last two days in Oz!

Rosanna (www.practically-perfect.net - because blogspot NEVER lets me link back to this, so you probably think I am some strange, random commenter)

Michelle said...

Can I have your autograph??? Pleeease??? You know what a Heartbreak High fan I was, nay, am! Particularly in the the Drazic days.... mmmm.

My friend's Dad was Harold! Well, obviously not THE Harold, but one of the giraffes on the loose in Australian primary schools.... we had lots of fun putting the suit on.

See you back in London soon babycakes! I'll chill the gin.

Shell xx

Pru said...

Glad I impressed you all so with my Heartbreak High stories :) Did you know Drazic is in Home and Away now? (i think i saw him in a Neighbours trailer too). Sorry to spoil it for any UK readers.

Thanks for letting me know it was you Rosanna - i was a bit confused as to where you'd come from but it's all good now! I think your blog is hilarious.