Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A devilish night for dancing

I'm a day late but Happy Halloween! It's such a novelty for us how everyone over here really gets into Halloween - there are pumpkins everywhere and shops are filled with fancy dress outfits and trick or treat goodies. The kids love it (so do the big kids - this is me in my devil outfit) and I do think we are a little bit deprived back in Oz. Any excuse to dress up, i say.

The highlight of this year's Halloween was that we went to a fantastic Scissor Sisters 'fancy dress extravaganza' at the Brixton Carling Academy. Fancy dress was compulsory (hence our devil outfits) and there were some fantastic costumes. Lots of devils and witches of course (yes, we were a little unoriginal, but we are only beginners after all) but some people had put in tons of effort - there was Uma from Kill Bill, a few bandaged mummies, brides, man-eating pumpkins and a guy who came as the 'Scream' painting (with a huge piece of cardboard with room for his head cut out). I was very impressed and was a little disappointed with out paltry attempt! But for my first dress-up Halloween I can't complain. The gig was fantastic - these guys really know how to put on a show (King Kong even made an appearance at the end). Apart from the demented security staff at the Academy who tried to make people sit down during the gig (at a concert for god's sake!!!??), it was a fabulous hallowed eve.

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The Big Adventure said...

But you still haven't lived until you've experienced a Hallowe'en in America. I'm serious . . . we Americans spend almost as much on Hallowe'en now as we do Christmas. Nearly everyone dresses up, ALL DAY (at work, school, etc), and the decorations are extravagant. People transform their houses and entire gardens/lawns/yards into a spooky haunted house (complete with sound effects) and a graveyard outdoors (they enlist friends to pop out of coffins as trick-or-treaters come along . . . and their house is open for a big party as well. Extreme is the best way to explain it.