Sunday, August 20, 2006

The 12 month date looms nearer...

So I'm on a two year working holiday visa, which means that I am only allowed to work for 12 months - only for income to 'supplement' my working holiday. This is such an unfair and unrealistic restriction, considering that so many of the workingholidaymakers who come to the UK these days, from Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc are young, experienced professionals who should be entitled to continue the jobs they have gained for longer than a pitiful 12 months - especially considering that they have been selected for the job beating UK applicants since they were obviously better candidates.

Anyways, I've had my gripe - I'm in a mood because I realised this week, that while I can still apply for the HSMP visa, the application processing times are so extended that there is no way I can apply for it and be eligible before my contract at my current job is up. Which means I will have to leave that position, be unemployed (again!) and find somewhere new. Not the most exciting prospect since I have saved up absolutely NO dosh to help me get me through such an event - oops! While processing times for work permits are between 5 and 15 days, HSMP application can take UP TO THREE MONTHS! SO anyone thinking of applying should really get everything organised with plenty of time. The problem is however, that you need to have earnt the required amount of money at the time the application is received (kind of hard when you have only been in the country for 12 months which means you have to apply at the 9 month mark - making it even harder to hit the required earning mark!).

Things may not be so bad though - as my work is looking into possibly sponsoring me to stay and work for them - so fingers crossed. Although many working travellers are working over their 12 month limit and getting away with it, I am too chicken and (perhaps stupidly) am trying to do things by the book! So much for being well-behaved!


Anonymous said...

What you need to do to combat this is apply for a HSMV before you get to the UK, it will cost you but if you have enough points you will be able to work here/do Europe on your holiday visa whilst your HSMV is processed(all of the points will be scored from your previous years earnings in your home country). Then half way through your stay you get a 2 year working visa, paid work for 2 more years, then the chance to get 3 more years after that and if you really want after that you can stay!

Anonymous said...


Was wondering whether you had enough points for HSMV after doing your working holiday stint.

Right now, I am missing 10points. So my only chance is to do the WHM and earn 27000 pounds in 1 year time. Sounds tough!

Please advise if you have any..