Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summer is here..

Well I never thought it would happen but the days are getting lovely and warm, and today was a deadset scorcher mate! Actually it was probably low 20s but when you've been living in the UK, you get excited when it gets above 15. Everyone is out and about, and in a fantastic mood. The park near my work was crammed with people with their pants rolled up, shirts off (seriously!), soaking up every ounce of sunshine possible. There was even an ice-cream truck - so funny!

I haven't had a chance to download my photos from Croatia - but here is a taster. This is a beautiful sunset we watched while sitting in a lounge bar, draped over white day beds, sipping cosmopolitans - ahhhh, bliss. I'd definitely love to go there again - it's so gorgeous. Next time I will venture further south to Split and Dubrovnik.

I will post some more of my pics later - I've also got to tell about our exciting trip on the
London Eye. I'm rediscovering the tourist within.


kim said...

Oooooh how exciting! I'm very glad to hear that Summer has finally arrived for you all. Even more so because I am 2 weeks away from arriving & the weather in Melbourne is starting to turn sour.

Had to laugh when reading about the ice-cream truck & people taking their shirts off in London's parks!

Enjoy the sunshine :-)

Pru said...

hey kim!

you'll understand when you get here and begin living the poomy lifestyle. Sun makes people deliriously happy!

Good luck for your final preparations and i hope you have a blast in the uk!

Pru said...

I obviously meant pommy - not poomy... :)

Thérèse said...

Hey Pru, I love your picture of the Croatian sunset. Pula is so beautiful and peaceful - a real find. If you get the chance I highly recommend Split and Dubrovnik. Even a little place in between called Markaska is worth a look.
I look forward to seeing your other photos of Croatia if you're putting them on the web.

And isn't London just incredible in the "summer"? Like someone's flicked a switch and everyone comes out to play...!
Love it.

(living the experience in East London)