Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snow in the newly sprung spring

I was elated when I woke up this morning. The sun was shining through the window, it was light when I woke up (which has not happened for about five months), and it's the first day of spring. I had made it through winter, and surely it can only get better from here? Then I got to work and it STARTED TO SNOW. No joke, an arctic shift has hit the UK and London is absolutely bloody freezing. I'm not just talking snowflakes here and there, I'm talking heavy, falling snow. Here am I thinking that Spring is immediately going to be green paddocks, new flowers and gambolling lambs, and it's snowing outside! I think i'm going to have to wait a little longer than I thought for that suntan! But it will come eventually, I'm sure of it!

Tonight I just couldn't be bothered cooking (that happens a lot when you move out of home for the first time), so Paul and I went out for Wagamamas, which has become a favourite. I think we are slowly but surely eating our way through Putney and Fulham :) There's a new place called The Sea Cow in Fulham, which apparently has 'the taste of the Pyrmont Fish Markets in Sydney' which is very exciting for me as a Sydney girl who has spent many a lazy Sunday eating fish and chips from Pyrmont in the park by the water watching everyone play soccer. There's just so many places to eat, and not enough time to eat at all of them!
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Anonymous said...

Sea Cow is the best, Fish n Chips with minted mushy peas!

kim said...

You poor thing! It must have been a bit disappointing after that first glimpse of morning sunlight.
My two friends arrived in London this week and have been hit by the freeze in a massive way. Going from humid heat to blistering cold - (it's still reaching temps of mid to high 30s in Melbourne!) Not to rub it in or anything... ;-)
Hang in there! I'm sure Spring is on its way...

Pru said...

yep it's cold!

but i'm heading to the sea cow soon for a taste of sydney which will hopefully take me back to days of sunshine!