Thursday, January 05, 2006

I promised my friends Shell and Ray, who arrived in London to live about a week ago, that the weather was sunny and not really that cold. Suddenly they think I'm a liar, as this week the big chill has definitely hit - and apparently it will snow tomorrow. It's all well and good when you're wrapped up cosy inside, but it's a bit of a killer when I'm walking home by the river! Ah well - lots of time to enjoy the creme of English TV. Last night we stayed up (well, we just couldn't be bothered moving really) and subjected ourselves to 'Big Brothers Most Scandalous Scenes Ever'. It makes me think Aussies are a bunch of prudes, as if even a fraction of what I saw on TV last night made it on to Aussie television screens, there would be a massive public outcry and letters of disgust in major national newspapers (Remember the Hot Dogs incident last year - absolutely nothing compared to what goes in the English BB!).

I'm reliving the 'newly arrived in London' vibe through Shell and Ray - they are in the throes of flat hunting/job hunting/bank account opening/holiday planning. I just love every bit of it! They've got me inspired and we're all off to Venice soon. Can't wait!

Yes I haven't forgotten the New Year's pics - some have to be censored, but they'll be up here soon.


kim said...

Happy New Year!!

I happened to stumble across your blog a couple of days ago and I'm really glad that I did. Not only is it providing some great tips and light entertainment, it's also helping to gear me up for my own working holiday to the UK, scheduled for Apr/May this year! I also love the fact that you're involved in the publishing industry as that is the area I am also keen to break into (although it doesn't sound too promising for a working traveller, hey?!) Not to worry, just wanted to say keep up the great posts as I'm sure they'll keep me going through the long, boring days at work while I countdown to my own departure day :-)


Pru said...

HI Kim,
Glad you like my ramblings! I hope they're useful to you at some point - even it is just for some mindless entertainment at work :) How exciting about your trip - and don't worry, if you want to get in to the publishing industry here, there are heaps of things you can try. Just try and get as much relevant experience before you leave, as every little bit helps.
Check out my articles and the info on the website as it can be really helpful. I also answer questions on the forum if you ever have any questions! See you in London!